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A Kiss For Luck!

Ken Blaisdell's best fiction to date! This fictional account of the life of a particular M1 [carbine], from its factory to its retirement, is entertaining, funny, informative, and imaginative. The book contains five stories all tied to a particular chapter of this rifle, each with its own set of characters and caper. You will love the way the book ties all five stories together. I hope you enjoy "A Kiss for Luck!"

Joyce Stevenson

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I loved this book and couldn't put it down. The characters are so interesting and lovable that I was sad at the end of each part to say goodbye to them, but then I would fall in love all over again with the new characters in the next part. I was so happy to see it all come back together in Part 5. Blaisdell immersed me in a generation of history that was previously something I just memorized to get through a high school class. This book has everything a reader could want - action, romance, drama, comic relief. Strong characters with very strong and admirable women that make you want to know them and be their friend. This book starts out good and just gets better and better; a must read!

Michelle Syntax

This book takes us back to the early days of WWII when women were pressed into service in the defense industry. It starts with a group of ladies assembling rifles (M1 Carbines) in a former jukebox factory located in Chicago. One day they decided to include a slip of paper containing a good luck message installed between the barrel and stock of the rifle. The story relates the journey a rifle took as it was sent on its way to the battlefield. First into the hands of merchant marines and sailor on a ship and then to soldiers and resistance fighters bringing good luck to all who came into possession of it. These characters are believable and the environments including descriptions of ships, vehicles, weapons and locations are accurate in every detail. The return trip the rifle makes to the USA and the involvement of the individuals touched during the journey is exciting and emotional. This book is a great WWII adventure.

Warren Fry
Associate Dean

University Libraries Emeritus
Arizona State University